he met, their relationship was characterized by their

relationship between Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass has strongly
impacted issues on race and slavery. Both men used their oratorical and written
skills to spread their ideas on these issues presented in America. Douglass,
being a freed slave, dedicated his time to the abolition of slavery in America.

Douglass was passionate about the ideas he spread and drew his emotions to
connect with the audience. Abraham Lincoln, on the other hand, used logic and
politics to persuade his audience. Before Douglass and Lincoln personally met,
their relationship was characterized by their public statements, letters, and
newspapers. Lincoln’s political ideologies also had a great impact on Douglass’ feelings toward
him. Douglass’ feelings change over time as slowly slavery ends. Ultimately,
the war and the abolishment of slavery strongly influences their relationship,
and eventually draws them together. 

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