. to pulverize a few barrel locks to

. Chigurh
utilizes a hostage bolt gun (called a “stungun” in the content) to
execute a significant number of his casualties (and to pulverize a few barrel
locks to open entryways), and a hushed shotgun. Carson Wells, an adversary
hitman and ex–Special Forces officer who knows about Chigurh, is additionally
on the trail of the stolen cash.  A
hunter after the tool of fate in the film (money). After a fierce shootout that
spills over the Mexican outskirt and leaves both Moss and Chigurh injured, Moss
recuperates at a Mexican doctor’s facility while Chigurh patches himself up in
a lodging room with stolen supplies. While recovering, Moss is drawn closer by
Wells, who offers to give him protection in return for the bag and lets him
know his present area and telephone number, training him to call when he has
“had enough.” 


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